Every so often, I would make a good picture and scream into the wind.

—John Smart

About the BCC 

 More than just cameras


Creating an image with photography expresses one's unique view of the world. The pursuit of photography heightens your sensitivity to the details, patterns, shapes, textures, colors and beauty to be found everywhere around you.


Since the 1940's, the Billings Camera Club has promoted photography through instructional programs, field trips and critiqued photographic competitions.  We hold fun, informative meetings at 7pm on the first Tuesday of every month from September through June at the First Interstate Bank Operations Center.


Seasonal dues are $20 for an individual and $30 for a family and can be paid online here or at any regular club meeting.



In the days before photography, William Blake exhorted:  "To see a World in a Grain of Sand, and Heaven in a Wild Flower." It is a task for the human eye and spirit, and the camera is but a tool.

—  David Von Drehle

Come to the Billings Camera Club

As a member of the Photographic Society of America (PSA), we submit images for PSA inter-club competitions. We collect these images throughout the season for various PSA categories.  


As a member of the Billings Camera Club, you have the opportunity to submit your images for consideration and possible selection for judging by the PSA.

The Billings Camera Club is dedicated to developing the photography skills of its members.  In order to do this, we have created a mentoring program for our members.


Under this program, club members will be able to schedule time with one of our seasoned members to learn more about basic camera functions, basic photography skills, and artistic considerations in photography.


Show and discuss your work with others.

Have your images critiqued by experts.

Participate in field trips and discussions to improve your technique.

Socialize with individuals who have the same interest.

Post your images on the Billings Camera Club website!


 Join the Billings Camera Club today by paying online here or at any monthly meeting.